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Mysterious Black UFO Sighting Sparks Controversy and NASA Cover-Up Allegations

In April 15, 2022, an intriguing event took place as a black disc-shaped UFO made a landing near the sea. Surprisingly, on April 17, 2022, the UFO reappeared, this time hovering above the sea’s surface.

While NASA claims that the black clouds in the photos are actually missing data, the presence of sun flares partially obscuring the left side of the cloud leads us to consider the object’s authenticity.

Renowned conspiracy theorist and UFO enthusiast, Scott C. Warren, has noted the frequent appearance of the black cube in the sky. As early as 2016, Mr. Warren had shared images of the black cube on his blog, UFO Sightings Daily.

According to an eyewitness, the unidentified craft was observed between the SOHO satellite and the Sun. The cube emitted beeping and bleeping sounds before disappearing from view.

Mr. Warrington has speculated that these photos could be part of a deliberate campaign aimed at concealing the existence of extraterrestrial life from the public. He suggests that NASA may be employing blackout techniques to hide any spacecraft that appear in SOHO pictures.

Interestingly, a similar incident occurred in the same month several years ago. Is it mere coincidence, or does it indicate a recurring pattern?

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