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Massive UFOs and the Astonishing Effects on Military Witnesses!

Trained military personnel have reported some of the most intriguing UFO sightings, particularly when these unidentified objects are enormous and appear to have physical effects on witnesses. Numerous accounts describe massive and peculiar objects spotted in the Earth’s oceans, leaving a lasting impact on those who observed them.

One such case, documented in the November 1981 edition of Flying Saucer Review, was submitted directly to the magazine by an unnamed witness. According to the witness, she had an unsettling encounter with a colossal cigar-shaped unidentified object while flying over the ocean. At the time, she worked as an English language secretary for NATO in Paris and was onboard an Air Canada DC-8 plane with fifty NATO employees, traveling from Paris to Ottawa for the NATO Ministerial Meetings. The witness, seated by the window, glanced at the sky and was shocked to see a dark and massive object beneath the aircraft. She described it as a “torpedo” with a dark grey hue, standing still and distinctly different from anything she had ever seen. The object appeared to be made of steel and lacked windows, wings, or any additional features. It hovered far below, leaving the witness awestruck by its immense size, estimated to be approximately 2,000 meters below. As she observed, a line of small clouds passed over the object, briefly obscuring her view until it disappeared entirely.

Despite the witness’s fear and astonishment, the other passengers on the sparsely populated flight seemed oblivious to the enormous object in the sky. Reluctant to discuss her sighting for fear of ridicule, the witness suppressed her experience until later when she delved into UFO literature and realized she was not alone. Intriguingly, she began connecting this sighting to a more distressing incident that occurred shortly after her encounter with the object.

Approximately thirty minutes after witnessing the “torpedo,” the DC-8 aircraft began violently shaking and pitching up and down, as if caught in severe turbulence. The intensity of the turbulence far exceeded the witness’s previous experiences, and the loud noises resembling cannon fire or thunder filled the cabin. The aircraft shook violently, with each descent causing the witness to fear the plane might break apart. While the passengers remained silent and visibly pale, the witness, terrified, rushed to the front of the plane in search of answers. She discovered a stewardess lying on a bed, seemingly in distress. When she pleaded for information, the stewardess remained unresponsive, and the only sound within the cabin was the aircraft’s engines and the recurrent thunderous claps.

Returning to her seat, the witness suddenly found herself drenched in sweat, while her light dress remained dry. She attempted to seek assistance from the stewardesses’ quarters again, but no one was present. Desperate and frightened, she pounded on the cockpit door until another flight attendant emerged. The attendant, although initially appearing puzzled, eventually assured the witness that the cabin’s pressure was decreasing—an explanation that was reiterated by the captain. Unbeknownst to the witness at the time, she would later link the two events, suspecting a connection between the strange object she saw and the subsequent turbulent episode. Furthermore, she questioned whether the crew deliberately concealed information about the incident.

Curiously, only one of the stewardesses appeared visibly distraught, and it remains uncertain whether the pilots, stationed in the nacelle, had noticed the “cigar-shaped” object crossing their flight path diagonally below. Neither the crew nor the Canadian government made any official statements regarding the sighting upon landing. Considering the NATO’s jurisdiction over the flight, it is plausible that the pilot and flight attendants exercised greater discretion concerning the UFO sighting than they would have on a regular commercial flight.

Similar incidents involving enormous unidentified craft and their physical effects on military vessels have been reported in the Bermuda Triangle and off the coast

of Florida. These encounters raise numerous questions about the nature of these objects and their intentions. Were these gigantic vessels traversing our oceans? What significance do the physical effects hold? Unfortunately, concrete answers remain elusive, as such events are often shrouded in secrecy and suppressed by authorities, amplifying their enigmatic and unsettling nature.

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