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According to recent documents, the “Philadelphia Experiment” actually took place

“An American battleship put a technique created by Einstein himself to the test in the middle of World War II and managed to turn invisible and teleport.” The “Philadelphia Experiment” was created in this manner.

At least some conspiracy theorists claim this. The USS Elridge, the vessel that “went back in time,” actually happened as follows:

The so-called Philadelphia Experiment (or Philadelphia Experiment) alludes to Project Rainbow, a purportedly secretive US Navy experiment.

According to legend, the military was developing an electromagnetic field generator in an effort to put Albert Einstein’s unified field theory to use in real-world settings.

They want invisibility, to put it simply.

Private technicians would outfit the USS Elridge, a 93-meter-long battleship, with two powerful generators, dozens of meters of electrical cabling around the hull, and other sophisticated electronic gadgets.

The first alleged experiment will happen on July 22, 1943.

The battleship briefly vanished from view and was engulfed in a greenish mist as the generators turned on an electromagnetic field.

“Some sailors reported having severe test-related nausea.”

The second test was conducted on October 28 after the apparatus had been modified. This time, the entire ship vanished, only to reappear 600 kilometers distant and 15 minutes later at the naval base in Norfolk.

“At that moment, he was seen there. He then vanished once more in the midst of a blue lightning storm before returning to Philadelphia.

Navy remarks made in official capacity

As they claim, the crew’s suffering as a result of the second experiment’s results was so severe that the Navy chose to abandon the research.

“The majority of the sailors acquired schizophrenia, and others went insane.”

Many of them suffered severe injuries as they manifested, and other less fortunate ones horrifically merged with the ship’s hull.

Some disappeared days after the experiment and didn’t come back.

In general, this is the horrific tale that theorists, ufologists, and certain science fiction films continue to tell. The navy has consistently denied that the Philadelphia experiment ever took place.

The Navy Office of Naval Research (ONR) categorically rejected the existence of any invisibility or teleportation projects, as well as Einstein’s involvement, in a statement issued in November 2000.

However, Einstein provided part-time consulting services to the navy during the years of 1943 and 1944 for theoretical studies on explosives and blasting.

Of course, there is no proof that Einstein ever worked on anything involving teleportation or invisibility.

Then, how was the Philadelphia Experiment discovered?

The solution can be found in a string of letters sent by Carl Meredith Allen using the alias Carlos Miguel Allende.

Allen, a purported merchant marine, allegedly witnessed the USS Elridge vanish from his own vessel, the SS Andrew Furuseth.

Allen wrote about the purported teleportation experiment in a letter to author and ufologist Morris Jessup.

Jessup was impressed by the tale and incorporated it in a book titled The Case For The UFO even though the marine never offered any convincing evidence to back up what he said. More details are provided in the video after this:


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