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UFOs are piloted by humans from the future, that’s why they don’t make contact

Different ideas have been created as a result of investigations into aliens and UFOs. But there is one that even the scientific community has considered plausible: Could they be extraterrestrial humans?

There is a chance that these entities are humans from a distant future, according to the accounts of persons who had contacts with extraterrestrials and the studies and research done.

The existence of UFOs might be explained in a variety of ways, and this contentious hypothesis has even come up in recent scientific discussions.

Future humanity might be among the alien species.

Why do aliens use human languages to communicate? How do they enter our environment with little difficulty? Why do they insist on looking at our genes?

They are intended to have higher developed biological and technological civilizations. What do the Earth and mankind mean to you?

Perhaps it’s because they’re from Earth and didn’t come from as far away as we thought. Not “ours,” obviously, but thousands of years older.

According to this belief, long-sighted sightings of aliens and UFOs are really just futuristic humanity. Although there may be other reasons for coming to see us, it’s most likely because your future is in ruins and on the edge of annihilation.

To try to salvage what was remained of their world, these beings would go to the present and take part in covert procedures to harvest DNA, cells, sperm, and eggs.

They made the decision to assume these “forms” and disguise themselves in order to prevent us from learning their true identities since they knew that people in the 20th and 21st centuries had a strong belief in alien life.

disclosure of testimony?

A comment on this topic was given by Jim Penniston, one of the military witnesses to the most significant UFO occurrence in England, the well-known Redenlesham Forest encounter in Suffolk.

Although this incident occurred in 1980, Penniston performed hypnotic regression in 1994 in an effort to recollect the memories that his mind had blocked out.

He said that what he believed to be aliens were actually humans from the far future while under hypnosis.

It’s exceedingly dark, troubled, contaminated, and where the majority of the Human Race suffers from reproductive problems.

One of these people from the future Penniston encountered in the forest informed him of this issue.

However, how did they travel in time? Because they were never informed, not even the military knows about it.

One of the theories that might account for this is the existence of wormholes, a concept that theoretical physicist John Wheeler first proposed in 1957.

In essence, a wormhole is a way to travel faster across space and time. They have not been completely disproven by science, despite the fact that this has not yet been possible.

This is another another notion that, like many others, undoubtedly has some flaws. There is currently no evidence of either space travel or the arrival of extraterrestrial beings.

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