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The Earth is actually “a reservation that these five alien races can’t agree on.”

Scientists can tell the difference between the different alien cultures that have worked with military forces to decide our fate without asking us. This is because there have been hundreds of sightings, abductions, and first-hand accounts. All of these claims were backed up by history books, myths, people who had been abducted, and other sources.

1. The Tall Greys

Most battles between human and alien forces are led by the Gray Masters, who stand 7 to 8 feet tall. They are always there when shadow governments make deals with other countries.

They came from a star system in the Orion constellation, according to reports. The Tall Grays are in charge of all kidnappings and experiments on humans, but they are rarely there when these things happen. They prefer to use the Short Grays, who are their servants. They seem determined to make a stable human-gray hybrid race that can take over the planet.

They are self-centered and have advanced technology, but they don’t care much about human life. They think of us as their own possessions.

2. The Short Grays

The Grays, who are also called the Zeta Reticulums, are well-known aliens who are often shown in pop culture. They are in charge of most of the time when extraterrestrials take people away.

Most stories say they are 3 to 5 feet tall, have huge black eyes, and have heads that are big and round. Even though they have mouths, they rarely use them. Instead, they mostly talk to each other through telepathy. The short Grays, who were made to work, are expected to be ruled by the tall Grays. Because they can talk to each other through telepathy, they may form a kind of hive mind.

Because their genes were made so they could do scientific work, the short Grays are heartless and cruel. They also came up with the idea of a race that is a mix of humans and grays.

3. Reptilians

People often mistake these reptilians for the Alpha Draconians’ military caste. It is said that they are from Earth. From what little is known about this species, the Alpha-Draconians left them behind when they went to set up Earth.

They have been interacting with us for thousands of years. Sometimes they have helped us, but most of the time they have treated us like a product. They are powerful and can be found in almost every part of human life.

Reptilians use our most powerful people to take over our institutions and groups. They set up the financial system and have power over all religions. People think that the underground reptile species has power over the media and all businesses. The vast majority of crimes against humanity have been done by them.

4. Anunnaki

Scientists say that our solar system has a 12th planet, which some people call “Planet X.” Nibiru is the name of this planet, which is past Plu to.

This planet is different from all the others in our solar system because it has an odd orbit and spins in the opposite direction. Tradition says that Earth was made when Nibiru crashed into another planet in our solar system (Maldek).

The Anunnaki live on this world. They were the first people to come to Earth and start living there. They came to Earth with the plan of getting gold and other minerals and setting up a small utopian colony. The Anunnaki lived on planets in the Orion star system before they came to Earth.

Humans were supposed to grow up so that they could work. Humans have used genetic engineering and in vitro fertilization to improve their standing as a species.

Since the beginning of our time on Earth, the Anunnaki have affected every part of our lives. Through our synthetic DNA, we have taken on their culture of violence and getting even. The Anunnaki and the Draconians are both fighting for control over humans.

5. The Alpha-Draconians

The Alpha-Draconians are the oldest known species of reptile in the galaxy, but they are also the most evil and corrupt. They got into human society many thousands of years ago. Even though they moved to Earth from a colony on Alpha Draconis, no one knows where they came from originally.

They lay eggs and give birth quickly by using a hormone called “battle hormone.” They show two sides of the same thing. This is why ancient females don’t fight: if they did, there wouldn’t be anyone to help care for the eggs. Also, they have to be there for their hormone to be made.

They are huge reptiles that stand between 14 and 22 feet tall and weigh about 1,800 pounds of mostly muscle. I think of a T. Rex when I look at them.

Alpha-Draconians can be identified by their many abdomens, black-and-brown scaled bellies, and whiskers around the chin and jawline. They are a smart race, even though they have big heads and eyes like lizards.

Some say that they are the only genetic line of their ancestors that hasn’t died out and that they have tails or even wings.

Alex Collier, who has had contact with aliens, thinks he was given permission to say the following about them: “The Draconians are the masterminds behind human oppression all over the galaxy. They do this by spreading fear-based beliefs and controlling structures.” They are smart and perceptive, but they can also be a little bad.”

The Draconians think that their race was the first intelligent one in the galaxy. They have colonized many worlds because they are competitive and want to grow. Their huge egos make them think that they should be in charge of places like Earth that aren’t as advanced. The way they keep treating people badly shows that they think of us as a second-rate species.

Stories say that Alpha-Draconians are split into two groups: the Ciakar regal caste, which is made up of giants, and a well-trained military class, which is made up of 8-foot-tall people.

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