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SETI astrophysicist promises humans will encounter aliens by 2036

In 2036, humans will interact with members of an advanced extraterrestrial society. According to Popular Mechanics, astronomer Seth Shostak from the SETI Institute made this forecast.

The expert’s view is supported by the fact that computer power doubles roughly every few years, making it easier to locate extraterrestrial civilizations.

“Significant computing resources are required to evaluate vast volumes of data received from space, therefore it can be predicted that with the growth of computers, analysis will be considerably expedited,” he said.

Computers will be capable of detecting technological signals that indicate the presence of aliens by 2036.

Technosignatures are indications of technologically advanced activities that we as humans would recognize. The most well-known example is radio transmissions, which SETI researchers have been looking for over the course of several decades. However, many additional signatures have not yet been completely investigated, and new ones are constantly being thought up.

These include laser emissions, which might be utilized for optical communications or as a kind of propulsion; megastructure signs, which some thought were the cause of Tabby’s Star’s mystifying dimming; or an atmosphere rich in carbon dioxide, methane, CFCs, and other known contaminants.

The astronomer claimed that in order to discover signs of a highly evolved extraterrestrial society, millions of star systems must be studied.

The researcher points out that even if humanity are successful in detecting an extraterrestrial signal, this does not guarantee that they would be able to communicate with aliens.

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