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People who saw it told MUFON it was the clearest silver UFO they had ever seen.

This is an amazing and very detailed UFO sighting, so I’ve decided to write about it now.

Given that we are used to fuzzy pictures, this is a beautiful Flying Disk-type Saucer that shows about as much as we can handle at once. But since someone took the time to take a picture of it and tell MUFON about it, the least I can do is write a good story about it.

The city of Hull in the United Kingdom has seen UFOs for a long time. About 15 years ago, this picture was taken. In 2006, everyone wanted the Nokia Brick 2.0, which didn’t have a camera.

He was taking out the trash when he caught a glimpse of what he thought was a UFO out of the corner of his eye. He ran to get his camera and took the following pictures:

Remember that there were no smartphones in 2006, so there were no video or photo editing apps for phones… So, there you go.

MUFON Case # 4554. It was reported around 2:30 p.m. on March 18, 2006.

There is always something floating around the world that people don’t agree with. UFO should stand for “Uninvited, Flying Objects” instead of “Unknown Flying Objects.” But it has a saying that is not likely to change.

Do you think this is one of the most realistic UFOs you’ve ever seen? Most of the time, when you zoom in on a UFO photo and lose pixels, it makes the photo look hazy.

Here is the full description the eyewitness gave MUFON on the day he told them about it:

Detailed description

At the time of the accident, I was taking out the trash. I caught a glimpse of something out of the corner of my eye. I quickly grabbed my camera. It looked like the thing was just floating through the woods.

There’s always something going on, but recently, a lot of UFO Orbs have been bothering everyone on Earth. Everyone seems to see UFOs these days, and it’s gotten even better since the US government made UAPs legal. Long-awaited UFO news was the release of many UFO recordings that showed what the government called UAPs. Many people have been waiting a long time for this. Because so many people still think UFOs are real, it went right over their heads.

Also, I really hope that the beautiful close-up shapes of this UFO are exactly what you were looking for and that you can now decide what you think with more information. I’ve written more than 2,500 news stories about UFOs before this one. At the time, many of them seemed to be true, even though not all of them were.


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