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Former US official confirms 4 types of aliens in contact with Earth

During an interview with Steven Greer, former US Air Force officer Richard Doty said that the US government knows of at least four alien species that have been on Earth.

According to what the former officer said, the government hasn’t bothered to give a good reason for a series of photos that were shown to him.

In this way, Richard Doty joins a long list of retired US officers who have spoken out about the secrets the government keeps hidden.

The pictures showed that the species shown came from somewhere other than Earth. Doty said that 3 of them are from a different place than an extraterrestrial biological entity called EBEN.

The first kind looks like an insect. It has big eyes, a big head, and a small body. He has two things on each arm, which is the same as saying he has two hands on each arm.

It also has several legs with joints and a bubble-like part in front. He also has a bump on his back, and he is about the same height as a person.

In another picture, there is a tall, skinny humanoid with very long arms and hands that reach to the knees. His face is also thin and, if not detailed, can look like that of a person. He doesn’t have any hair, and his eyes look like cats’ eyes.

The third species has a body that’s much stronger. The former officer said that this creature had its genes changed. Based on what he thinks, he is a living thing from another planet.

The last one is about the EBEN, a creature that is about one meter tall. They don’t appear to have ears, and instead of a nose, they have something that looks like a notch. Since his eyes are very big.

Each of their four fingers has a suction device on the end of it. They are wearing a very tight suit, but they look like they have nothing on. Also, they have something on their head that could be used to talk.

Even though many news outlets don’t believe what former Air Force officer Richard Doty said, it’s important to note that this isn’t the first time an important retired officer has said something similar.

Also, these are very similar to what hundreds of people around the world have said about seeing aliens…

Is it possible that these alien races are talking to our governments without us knowing?

Former US Air Force officer Richard Doty stated during an interview with Steven Greer that the US government knows of at least 4 species of aliens that have visited the planet. According to the former officer’s statements, the government has not deigned to provide a reasonable explanation for a series of photographs that were shown…

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