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A renowned astronomer predicted that mankind will soon witness a UFO

We will soon see UFOs, predicted a renowned astronomer.

Avi Loeb, a renowned Harvard astronomer, said in an interview with The Guardian that we would receive the first photograph that is sufficiently precise to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that UFOs are extraterrestrial spacecraft within a few months.

Avi Loeb is the one who makes the assertion that the odd interstellar object Oumuamua is a spacecraft built by extraterrestrial intelligence.

Loeb has garnered a lot of media attention in recent months and years with his confident assertions that advanced alien civilizations exist.

He established the Galileo Project last year with the goal of establishing a global network of telescopes, cameras, and computers to examine UFOs and produce proof of extraterrestrial technology.

Over a hundred scientists work on Loeb’s Galileo project. The project’s first telescope will begin operating this summer from the roof of the Harvard College Observatory, according to the Harvard professor.

The telescope is equipped with a radio sensor, an audio sensor, and a magnetometer to identify intangible things, and it will employ infrared cameras to record footage of the sky continuously.

According to Loeb, the computer will utilize artificial intelligence to examine the data, discarding things like planes, meteorites, drones, and birds in favor of anything “not man-made.”

As a result, Avi Loeb is sure that the research will offer concrete proof of UFO presence to the broader public.

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