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Unusual Coins of Unknown Origin Were Found With Aliens and UFOs Engraved on Them

Archaeologists love it when they find coins. These serve as a glimpse at the economy of the ancient world. However, what would they do if they found a coin with aliens and UFOs engraved on them?

We all know that coins were used as the primary form of currency in the past. But, recently, these coins are not limited to only our own governments – they are also found in other advanced civilizations.

The back of the coin has a metallic finish on top of it. It is also more than 3 inches in diameter and weighs between 2 and 4 ounces.

If you’re a collector of unusual coins, this is the story for you.

A couple in Colorado discovered five coins with strange engravings on them in their garden. One of the coins looked like it had been dug up from the ground, but all were dated 1821.

The engravings were reminiscent of aliens and UFOs, with patterns that resembled what we commonly see on modern-day computer screens.

The couple told Denver-area news station KUSA they believe the coins were planted by pranksters as part of a social experiment.

They noticed that the coin had engravings that seemed to be related to aliens or UFOs. The engravings were in a language they didn’t know, but it was clear that the coin was made by humans and meant for another species.

While uncommon, these coins of unknown origin have been found with different creatures and symbols on them throughout history.

These coins are believed to be used as signs of friendship or even currency between other people groups who may not share a common language of origin. The coins are circular in shape, with a raised design on the top. The central figure is often a deity or mythical beast, and the designs on either side of the coin can be decorated with lines to illustrate details about its function.

While some argue that there is a perfectly reasonable explanation, another hypothesis says they represent something we do not understand.

When the archaeologists found an antique coin in Egypt, the discoverers were left wondering about what was engraved on them. One had an alien face on one of its sides, while the other had an engraved UFO.

According to some who have seen it, the mask engraved on the coin is the head of an alien creature. This creature is said to have been modeled from an alien species that interacted with people from our past. The motto on the coin also became a source of contention, and we are yet to fully understand it.

The other coin has a UFO inscribed on it. It appeared floating over a landscape high up in the clouds. When you flip it over, a scene where a plant is showered with rain can be seen. It is speculated that these images depict an ancient process introduced by aliens where they shoot up to the sky and make it rain. 

Certain questions have been raised since we discovered these coins. We also haven’t been able to explain them yet either. 

Notably, there is another coin discovered in 1680 that was taken as a piece of compelling evidence that UFO exists. These extraterrestrials supposedly visited the civilization that used these coins at least once in their history.

Workers also found a coin in Mexico that has curious origins. This coin depicts a scene from a parallel universe where the Nazis won the war. The coin was also supposed to have come from 2039, New Germany. Although unexplained, people think this is proof of the Many Worlds Hypothesis.

We do not yet have enough information to fully understand these coins. For now, all we can and should do is wait for the researcher’s conclusions after they finish their investigations.

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