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Unusual Alien Soldier Caught on Camera on Mars, Pursuing Curiosity Rover, Says UFO Hunter

One of the strangest discoveries ever is what seems to be an alien military marching up behind the Curiosity Rover on Mars.

Yes, as you can see in the pictures below, this extraterrestrial soldier appears to be stalking the Curiosity Rover and appears to be prepared to strike at any moment.

Perhaps the alien is only curious as to whether the rover is a friend or foe. Could this result in peace negotiations at last?

Some, though, are still dubious and think it is nothing more than a pile of stones piled on top of one another.

Some people, who are more positive, believe that it is a statue that was built in the past in memory of one of their rulers or a god that they formerly worshipped.

The Paranormal Crucible reported on it and even supplied a somewhat doctored photograph demonstrating how much the soldier fits a cliché of a Grey Alien.

Many experts believe that an alien has always been depicted in the picture, but others, like Zak Farley, are not as convinced.

He smiled and said that all along, it had merely been a rock formation when Hybrid Sky inquired about it. Disclose TV, however, asserted that it is simply too complex to be a coincidental rock formation after all.


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