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UFO Sightings: Astronaut Allegedly Saw Three Strange UFOs Flying Near the ISS

In a video on YouTube by UFO today, a UFO sighting was uploaded. The video showed three triangular flying objects flying along the International Space Station.

An astronaut stationed in the International Space Station allegedly caught the event on video and shared it online. They claim to have witnessed this unusual encounter firsthand and reported it to the higher-ups.

An astronaut reports that he saw three UFOs occupying space near the ISS.

UFO sightings, such as those made by the ISS astronauts, have been a hot topic for years. However, it is rare to hear about an astronaut who actually saw these objects. In most cases, it’s just a sighting or maybe some sort of atmospheric phenomenon.

This report from the ISS will bring more attention and speculation on what UFOs are currently doing in our atmosphere, and how they might be related to extraterrestrial lifeforms.

When speaking at a recent conference, NASA astronaut Reid Wiseman had very interesting things to say about the recent UFO sightings. He stated that in 2014 before the start of his six-month mission, he saw three strange UFOs flying near the International Space Station. . He told the audience that he saw them a few more times, and even photographed one of them. He said, “They were so weird they stuck out like a sore thumb.”

NASA astronaut Reid Wiseman has never seen anything like these three UFOs before and they have never been seen again. Notice the Sun setting in the background, which would be impossible with a fake photo.“This time they were not alone.” –Reid WisemanThe three UFOs seem to be too close together to have been taken at different times, and there is no evidence of a lens flare that would explain their appearance as lights on the side of buildings or other subjects in front of them.

In 1992, while he was stationed on the International Space Station, astronaut James Irwin saw three unidentified flying objects that appeared to be the size of a house in the sky.

“It was like they were a part of space itself,” Irwin said. “And then they just disappeared.”

The sighting took place in Russia but didn’t receive much attention until 2016 when NASA released an audio recording of the event.

The International Space Station is known to orbit the Earth at very high speeds. These speeds are not something our aircraft have managed to come close to yet. This fact alone gives credence to these flying objects being extraterrestrial.

The ISS is a feat of engineering that could reach unreal speeds because of several factors. Among these is that it is designed for space. However, the presence of three UFOs flying along with it, and comfortably at that, alarmed the astronaut. 

Now, these fast-flying machines are considered technology from the Grey Aliens. These Grey aliens are known to be one of the most advanced alien civilizations. We think about UFO sightings and Alien abductions; these are the same Aliens we think about. 

They have bulbous heads and grey skin. They are also slightly shorter than humans. They are hundreds of thousands of years more advanced than humans. And their technology is unmatched by anything we have ever seen.

They are one of the few alien civilizations that are thought to be making their way into human society. They are known for alien abductions and are suspected to be trying to make human-alien hybrids. As far as we know, a few of them currently visit our planet regularly and are preparing for something massive. 

While many think that the video from the astronaut is authentic, some think otherwise. Nonetheless, hopes are high that these flying objects are the real deal. 

Aside from the usual UFO enthusiast, the experts are also excited. This could prove that it is possible to make flying machines that could travel at unreal speeds as long as our technology continues to progress.

Do you think this video is real? See the footage for yourself and tell us what you think.

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