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Aliens Are Here, and They’re Friendly, Says Former Area 51 Scientist

Boyd Bushman, the former Area 51 scientist, was known as the one who claimed that aliens are here and they are friendly. He said this in an interview that would unexpectedly change his life. A few weeks after this interview, the Lockheed Martin senior scientist was found and confirmed deceased.

The claims of Boyd Bushman that aliens are here and they are friendly are not 100% legit or evidence-based. This is a general statement, not a proven claim.

This story has been picked up by a lot of mainstream news outlets, but Area 51 Boyd Bushmen has not been verified or confirmed. Some people have gone as far as to say he might be an impostor.

There are tons of conspiracies talking about aliens on the Internet. They range from theories about spaceships being spotted in the sky over cities to videos featuring wild stories from people claiming that they saw an alien on the ground while they were watching TV

This interview of a former Area 51 Boyd Bushman has taken the internet by storm. He claims that aliens are here and they’re friendly. However, the former Area 51 Boyd Bushman has some stolen footage of them, which he will give out for a price.

The man who claims to have seen aliens says he’s living proof that they’re here and they’re friendly

Boyd Bushman is an author, speaker, and TV personality. He’s best known for his book Area 51: Inside the Alien Cover-Up and he’s made appearances on the History Channel and Discovery Network. During an interview with The Late Show host Stephen Colbert, Boyd remarked that aliens are here and they’re friendly.

Stephen Colbert was baffled by this claim from Boyd Bushman during an interview on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. What did he mean by “here?” The audience has always been curious about what would happen if alien life were discovered to exist in our solar system or beyond our solar system. So when Boyd claimed that aliens are actually “friendly,” the audience was shocked but intrigued at what he meant by “friendly.”

He said that aliens have been observing us for years and they have come to recognize humanity as a species worth less than their own.

He was the one who released images of aliens and UFOs. You can see some pictures below, along with Bushman holding them. He also worked on radiation detectors, metal detectors, and devices designed to find any aircraft in a matter of seconds.

The notorious interview also shows how he and his team had to reverse-engineer a 1950s Roswell craft. He also mentioned an alien civilization living near our world. He claims that Quintonian aliens are living around 68 light-years from us.

These Quintonian aliens are significantly more technologically advanced than humans. Their technology allows them to travel the distance between our planet within 45 minutes.

He also showed the interviewer a few photographs of aliens. These aliens were between four to five feet tall. He then mentioned that at least 18 humans and extraterrestrial operating agents are working in Area 51.

In a video allegedly captured on Earth, the aliens are seen next to an extraterrestrial spaceship. One of them was seen lighting up and ready to use for the aliens who owned it. The aliens then demonstrated that they could come to their home planet and back much quicker than we could ever imagine. As soon as they returned, they showed humans an image of Quintonia.

This interview gave Ufologists hope that they were right. It gave them a glimpse of what aliens looked like, where their home planet was, and whether or not it was possible to travel the space between our worlds.

However, Boyd Bushman unexpectedly died shortly after this interview. His death limited our chances of learning more about the aliens that Area 51 was trying to hide from us. His death also sparked controversy, and people allege that someone or something silenced him instead of dying of natural causes. 

What more could we have learned had Boyd Bushman gone on record to share his stories again? This is a story we will never get to explain his claims further. 

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