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Alien Encounters: Did We Find Aliens the Last Time We Stepped on the Moon?

The UFO community and other experts found numerous anomalies after reviewing footage from lunar trips. They found traces of an alien encounter after they reviewed the official photographs released after Apollo 17 returned to Earth. 

Apollo 17 was the last manned mission sent to the Moon. Taking flight in 1972, this 12-day mission had its crew capture over 8,400 photographs of the lunar surface. Nowadays, these photographs are all available on NASA’s website.

Apollo 17 was the subject of one of the world’s most confidential alien encounters. President Richard Nixon was briefed on the events by NASA. He ordered his chief science adviser, Dr. Edward Teller, to go over to NASA and make sure everything was okay with Apollo 17.

The term “alien” is not used for lack of a better word but rather in deliberate avoidance of generating any unnecessary public attention to what happened during this mission.

Apollo 17 was launched on November 14th, 1972, and reached its moon landing site on December 7th. It carried three astronauts – Stuart Roosa, Edgar Mitchell, and Charles Duke who rounded out humanity’s sixth manned lunar landing mission. They were also carrying two rovers that could move around autonomously and collect rock samples from the surface. The astronauts were tasked with studying geologic features near the landing site including large boulders that appear to be a part of a huge geological formation called Stone Mountain some 500 meters.

As the NASA space missions went on, the astronauts began to notice that there was a lot of strange behavior from extraterrestrial life during their missions.

For instance, in February of 1974, when astronauts Eugene Cernan and Harrison Schmitt flew aboard Apollo 17 to study the moon’s surface, they noticed small metallic objects moving around them. At first, they thought it was just space debris but then realized that what they were witnessing was very uncharacteristic of such a thing. One of these objects seemed to be following them; this eventually led them to believe that there might be intelligent alien life out there. Eventually in April of 1974, just as Apollo 17 was about to end its mission before going back home, one of these objects flew in front of their spaceship and stopped moving. Yet because they were unable to see anything on the object – not even any lights – they couldn’t really confirm whether or not it belonged to an alien civilization or not.

Years after the photographs were published, UFO researchers found unusual objects in several photos. These image show something that resembles spaceships whose origins are unknown. 

Some members of the community assumed that these “strange objects” were caused by reflections of lens flares. But the evidence against this hypothesis is swiftly increasing. 

Since then, no other astronauts have visited the Moon. There are no plans for another moon mission either. Is this a coincidence, or was there something else that we missed? 

The number of years since the last mission and the several plans to visit other planets have aroused many suspicions. 

Did the Apollo 17 crew find something unexpected on the Moon?

Did the crew find an extraterrestrial lunar base filled with aliens?

Was a confrontation between these parties convinced us not to come back?

Finally, is a powerful organization trying to limit human access to the Moon’s surface?

We might never know why the Apollo 17 mission took so many images only for NASA not to investigate them further. For now, the only thing we know about this natural satellite is that it is barren. And sending other missions to the Moon is not worth it. 

While it is impossible to establish a concrete idea of what happened to the Apollo 17 mission, signs of extraterrestrial activity are present in the images. There might be things NASA will never publicly admit, but we have the resources to make our conclusions.

The UFO community will stay on its toes and look for alien life on other planets. And despite the powers trying to limit the information they can use to prove alien life, they are bound to succeed.

It might take time, but we will find them. We will find the aliens living in our universe with us. 

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