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UFO or Something Else: Had a UFO Crashed in Mars’ Surface or Just a Bluff?

Mars has always been one of the most controversial and interesting things that NASA researches. Rovers have been sent to the red planet to see sustainability and its overall performance. Talks of sending people to it have also gone around. However, NASA continues to be mum about some issues associated with studying the planet, particularly that of a crashed UFO on Mars’ surface.

Jean Ward, an Australian theorist and researcher, found an interesting discovery about the red planet. While NASA did not say anything about sending people to the planet, Jean Ward has to say otherwise.

Rovers on the planet take numerous photos of it and send them to Earth to study. From photos to videos, there are a lot of media that these rovers can send back. Jean Ward studied one of the sent photos and noticed what appeared to be a UFO that crashed in one of the canyons of Mars. This image was taken in 2006.

This section deals with the UFO sightings. There are many possibilities to what these UFOs could be. One possibility is that this is a crashed UFO on Mars’ surface and another possibility is that this is just a bluff by NASA to make people believe they are exploring Mars.

We have come across the case of a UFO sighting in Mars, which was reported by NASA as just a bluff but is it really?

A recent study has suggested that some features on the surface of Mars could be the remains of a UFO.

The researcher, who is an expert in planetary geology, says that these features are unlike anything else we have seen before. He says, “It would be really nice to see if there are more of these objects on the surface. I think they probably wouldn’t be clustered too far away from each other if they were all part of some sort of crash event like this.”

The researcher also thinks it is possible that the UFO sightings could have been made by astronauts on NASA’s Apollo missions and live broadcasts from NASA’s Curiosity rover might prove this theory true.

It is hard to differentiate between UFO stories, conspiracy theories, and a hoax. The Red Planet has always been the place of mystery and science fiction. There have been many speculations as to what might be happening on Mars. Some people believe that there was an alien life form living on the planet, others think that it is just a large meteorite and some are not so sure about any of these statements. We cannot say for sure what it was or if it had crashed because there is no evidence to support any of the claims up until now.

According to Ward, there appears to be a UFO in the Candor Chasma’s bottom, a huge canyon located in the Valles Marineris system. It is the counterpart of humans’ Grand Canyon and is also known as the largest canyon in the solar system.

When investigators studied and focused on the photo, they noticed a pit with a disk at the end. This object appears to be covered in sand and dust from dunes. Researchers believe this disk is a UFO that crashed since it flew at a very low angle, which caused it to leave a mark on the planet.

Since this photo leaked, as did Jean Ward’s observations, NASA has been silent about it. The organization did not give any official statement about the details of this unidentified object. However, both people in the industry and enthusiasts are fascinated by it. They believe that it is something significant and could lead to discoveries.

On the other hand, no one can tell if it is a crashed UFO. Since NASA did not give any official statement yet about this, humans can only speculate so much unless they visit the planet themselves.

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