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The US NAVY Finally Confirmed that UFOs Are Real on Live TV

In a recent interview on Fox News, the former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Intelligence, Christopher Mellon, confirmed that UFOs are real. And these extraterrestrial objects are on our planet.

This is exactly the closure we have wanted for years. We finally got the confirmation we’ve been hoping for and needed in the last 70 years of the government trying its best to hide this information from the public. But, the improvement in communication and technology made it difficult for them to control information on UFOs.

In the interview, Mellon was asked if he believed in the existence of UFOs and other extraterrestrial crafts. He said he was already aware and certain that these things existed. But, he also disclaimed that they still don’t understand the nature of these alien crafts and what technology these machines use.

He details the pilot’s surprise and fear after discovering alien crafts while on routine flights and training. He said that UFOs exist and can perform feats that no machine in the world can. This statement further proves how advanced their technology is compared to ours.

In a way, you could assume that this may be the most a government official would say about the matter. No government in this world would openly admit that aliens have visited us. Not only will they admit that they’ve been lying to the public for years, but it will also be an admission that they cannot protect their people from these would-be invaders from another planet.

The general public knows that the world governments are hiding this information from them. But, we are slowly getting closer to the truth thanks to improvements in the technology available to us. In time, these global powers will have no choice but to collaborate with the public and reveal everything they know.

But, for now, we have to settle with the crumbs of information and confession we get. These may not be much, but they are more than enough to keep people curious. And this recent confession from Mellon will get them through until the next big revelation.

You can see the interview here if you want to watch it.

The US Navy released a statement confirming the existence of UFOs on live TV. The announcement was made to coincide with the release of a new trailer for the film “The Fourth Kind”.

In 1999, psychologist Dr. Abigail Tyler started recording interviews with her patients about their unusual experiences, specifically those involving UFO sightings and other paranormal phenomena.

It is not clear what caused these experiences but they seemed to be linked with sleep deprivation and anxiety.

The media coverage of this study sparked fear in some people who were under the impression that they were going crazy because they could not account for these visions in their waking life. It was not enough for the media to cover how this study suggests people may be able to use their mind to see these visions – they had to dig deep and show that it is potentially dangerous. In some cases, the public is so scared of this phenomena that they are now referring to it as “psychosis.”

In an episode of “The Fact or Faked”, a UFO researcher named John Ventre and his team were given the task to find evidence that UFOs are real.

They convinced the US Navy to allow them access to their archives, which include a government film from the U.S. Navy submarine, USS Trepang in 1971.

The film shows an unidentified flying object passing in front of the submarine’s periscope.

The US NAVY finally confirmed that UFOs are real on live TV! The US Navy confirms that UFOs are real and they are a threat to national security. The navy also tells the public that they don’t want to be bothered by any civilians, so if you have any information about their sightings, then please contact your local military branch.

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