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The Earth Is a Disputed Reservation 6 Alien Races Are Fighting for

The idea of aliens living on Earth is not new. In fact, there are a lot of conspiracy theories around the world about how they steered human destiny in the past.

But now, with revelations that there are as many as 6 different alien races vying for control of Earth, it’s high time to take a serious look at UFOs and aliens.

The Earth is a disputed reservation where six different alien races are fighting for control. The humans, who have been an underclass throughout human history, have become pawns in this intergalactic chess game.

Thousands of sightings, abductions, encounters, and first-hand accounts allowed scientists to distinguish the several alien races that routinely visit our planet. They come to Earth with agendas and do whatever they want without consulting us. Many of these claims are supported by historical texts, myths, and accounts from people who met these ETs.

Our scientists concluded that six alien civilizations visit us often. And they suspect they are all preparing for a massive conquest of Earth.

As of right now, 6 alien races have been identified. The first alien race that has been found in the short grays. These aliens are thought to be the ones behind abductions and other crimes. It is believed that they are not advanced enough to travel here on their own and that they are used by a higher race to do their dirty work. Another very well-known alien race is the tall grays. They look like humans but have green skin and three fingers on each hand; two of which are opposable thumbs. They also have large heads and almond-shaped eyes with very little pupil showing.

In 2009, it was confirmed that our solar system was being watched by a group of aliens called the Sirian Alliance who were mainly composed of bots from Sirius A.

In 2012, a third species was found in Washington State called Reptilians. They are short, blue aliens who have translucent and fluid-like bodies. The following alien races are rumored to exist. The Pleiadians are said to be like humans in size, but have golden skin with little or no visible pores. They also have large heads and almond-shaped eyes that don’t show many pupils. Lyrans are said to be similar in appearance to humans, but with green skin and three fingers on each hand.

One of these races is the Grays. Also known as the Zeta Reticulum, these are well-known extraterrestrials that look similar to how pop culture depicts aliens. They are the ones responsible for most of the abductions we hear about.

Despite having mouths, these aliens rarely speak and usually communicate through telepathy. There are two types of Grays, the tall ones and the short ones. The tall ones are expected to rule over the short ones and use them as their labor force.

Another is the Sirians from the Sirius B star system. They are as advanced as they are ancient. They are known to hand over knowledge to help human civilizations. They are the ones who allegedly helped construct the pyramids and temples of antiquity.

On the other hand, the 7 to 8 feet tall Gray Masters are the ambassadors between alien races and humanity. They are usually in high positions and act as an international shadow government.

We know the Gray Masters better as the lizard people hiding in the shadows of our governments. The female Gray Masters do not mingle with humans; they are massive fourteen to twenty-two feet tall reptiles who care for their offspring on the sidelines.

Other groups are less known, but some assume that the Anunnaki are probably the scariest. These are also known as the ancient Sumerian Alien Gods of old. They are so unbelievably advanced and ancient; when they first came to Earth, they managed to rule the world instantly.

The balance of power between these alien races is volatile. We do not know what could set off a war between these six factions, and we are wholly unprepared for when it happens. Our governments may secretly know what to do, but as long as the public is left unaware of their existence, humanity’s survival hangs on a balance.

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