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Odd Artifacts Serve as Proof of the Existence of Aliens in Mexico

Experts reviewed the materials used on the knife of Tutankhamun, which was in a prior piece for extraterrestrial or ET material. Everyone wonders whether the predecessors encountered aliens back. There were a lot of story about the discoveries of aliens, but one of the famous sources is the story from Mexico, during the Mayan Civilization.

In Mexico, there is an ancient civilization that dates back to around 1200 BC. Long before the Aztecs and Mayans, people lived in this area for thousands of years. Artifacts have been found in Mexico that are hard to explain with what we know of history. Many have speculated these may have actually been left behind by aliens or extraterrestrial beings. Others believe they are a clearer example of how little we know about our world.

The recent discovery of strange and out of place stone statues near the city of Laguna de los Angeles, in Mexico, has natural scientists and archeologists intrigued. The statues are made from a local, light-colored stone and have features that are not similar to anything found in Mesoamerica.

Archaeologist Angelo Paredes Jimenez said: “The carving is unique in shape, surface treatment and context. It is different from anything we know about Mesoamerican art.” It is the latest discovery made at Coba during a three-year project to survey, document and protect the city’s archaeological sites.The Maya pyramids were built from limestone that was quarried from deep beneath the jungle floor. The limestone was cut with stone axes and shaped into blocks which were then assembled with mortar made from crushed conch shells. The effort would have taken hundreds of people several years to complete, Paredes Jimenez said.

Natural scientist Javier Escalante said: “It’s difficult to give an opinion because there is not much information available about it.” However he does add he does not believe the statue has a link to aliens or UFOs.

The universe is old and extremely vast. According to data from different telescopes, it states that the universe is around 92 billion light-years wide, and it continues to grow. According to another source, it’s 13.82 billion. With a universe this big, the alien civilization had enough time to develop and spread, where they might have crossed a cosmic gulf to reach us.

Only scientists knew where the mark was in our solar system back then. However, in 1992, some astronomers noticed worlds circling a superdense astronomical corpse, which they call a pulsar. After some years, they discovered the first exoplanet.

Now, there are over 4,500 exoplanets found yearly. With this number, they thought of the possibility of aliens’ life on those discovered planets. This exploration made many people wonder whether aliens are real or not.

The artifacts consist of gods with stretched skulls and cone-shaped heads, which came from ancient periods. These items were indisputable proof of society before the Mayans, as per the new archaeological breakthroughs. These items were buried by those who now govern the world.

In the previous 60 years, some families in Ojuelos, Mexico, collected about 400 antiques, and these relics were extraordinary. The people who discovered these relics want to open their museum to show their collected items to make others realize that there’s a possibility for aliens to be alive.

Some of the items these people discovered include plates, rings, pendants, figurines, and knives, which ancient humans created. These also came from metal, stone, or jade materials, which they believed were under the control of the alien gods.

Aside from that, archeologists in Latin America discovered the mentioned skull-shaped skills from the Peruvian city of Paracas.  These artifacts look like aliens, especially in the eyes. These are some of the relics that people in Mexico found.

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