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Nikola Tesla’s UFO Design Was Made With the Help of Extraterrestrial Intelligence

Nikola Tesla has always been at the forefront of innovation in the scientific community. Despite the overall disregard by the scientific community in the 19th century towards flying machines, Tesla designed his own UFO and patented it.

Tesla was the first to propose an idea that extraterrestrial life may have played a role in our development.

He called his idea “the cosmic telegraph” which would allow humans to contact extraterrestrials and transmit information back earth.

Although Tesla is known for the invention of electrical generators and alternating current, his most controversial idea was that he was in contact with extraterrestrial intelligences.

Tesla theorized that his UFO design was a collaboration between him and aliens. The idea came to him when he was working on an electromagnetic space ship prototype in 1897. He would later make a drawing of it which would be published in a science magazine as an illustration of how well Tesla’s induction motor worked.

Nikola Tesla was a Serbian-American inventor and physicist. He is known as one of the founding fathers of modern alternating current electricity. In the late 1800s, he began to design and experiment with the possibility that extraterrestrial life existed.

Tesla believed that an extraterrestrial race might have visited Earth in ancient times, and that they left behind their technology. He speculated that they had left behind these advanced machines to help humanity advance spiritually and technologically from then on.

In 1901, Tesla wrote a letter in which he revealed his thoughts on extraterrestrial life to a colleague named John Leslie Ward who was a sculptor and friend of Teslas. In this letter, Tesla admitted that he had begun experimenting with flying craft in order to develop the technology for use by humans in the future whenever such life should appear again on Earth: “Should some day [an] inhabitant from another planet visit us it would be seen at once that his machinery would not be understood. In constructing flying machines the use of the wheel has been persistently rejected by me on account of its inefficiency. The idea of a flying machine has not yet become an accepted fact.”In a later letter, Tesla wrote that he had actually developed several concepts for flying machines and explained some of his thoughts on extraterrestrial life: “I do not think that people are going to be very much interested in those things, because people will have learned more about these matters than we now know.

Nikola Tesla, the man behind several significant scientific breakthroughs, was the first person to patent a conceptual design for a flying saucer, or as we now call it, a UFO. In 1928, Nikola Tesla registered his controversial patent and claimed it as the “World’s First Flying Saucer”. This was groundbreaking at the time. The design used the prowess of Electromagnetic forces instead of gravitational ones. This made the saucer more powerful, and if Tesla ever made it into reality, it would be the fastest aircraft ever.

Strictly speaking, the electromagnetic force is 2.2 x 10^39 times stronger than gravitational. This meant that Tesla’s design would be leagues more powerful than other scientists of his time could have imagined.

However, what makes this design eerie, is the fact that it closely matches other UFO designs seen by other people. The design of Tesla’s Flying Saucer has the same interior look similar to actual UFOs, as claimed by people who have seen the real thing. So how does it work?

The design resembles a helicopter and an airplane, and people often consider it a flattened torpedo. The inner surface of the machine has circular channels that circle the center of the aircraft. These channels carry a high-voltage and high-frequency coil. This coil is called the “Tesla Coil”, one of Tesla’s early inventions.

With this structure, the flying machine uses “Magnetohydrodynamics” as its driving force. Michael Faraday first observed this when he what happens when a high-frequency and high-voltage alternating current is applied to a pair of metallic plates; a magnetic field is generated from the alternating current (AC). The object could produce trust perpendicular to electric and magnetic fields with this magnetic field.

This propulsion is purely a result of the solid-state condition and space-time reaction. With that, the design no longer needs to rely on fuel to keep it running.

If Tesla only had the funding he needed to make his design a reality; the world might be even more advanced than it is now. Regardless, this visionary’s claim that air travel will be the future has come true. And, in time, maybe his flying saucer design may as well.

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