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Man Claims Flying to Outer Space with Alien "Ausso One"

Carl Higdon was a 40-year-old veteran oil driller from Rawlins, Wyoming, in the United States. He worked at AM Well Service Company located in Riverton in the same US state.

On October 25, 1974, Higdon went hunting in a secluded location close to the Medicine Bow National Forest in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, in the United States.

Then, he intended to shoot an elk in a clearing that was huddled in a group at a distance of several hundred feet away from him.

However, when Higdon pulled his Magnum rifle’s trigger, he confirmed that the bullet left his weapon quite slowly, almost as if coming out in a very slow motion.

He said he then felt an odd tingle in the air, which was similar to the feeling prior to an electrical storm. Higdon realized that he accidentally fired at a cloaked spaceship instead, which was right in front of him.

Then, the hunter felt surprised to see an alien gliding noiselessly toward him. The weird creature introduced itself as Ausso One.

Higdon described the alien as having its head straight to its neck, coarse hair standing up like bristles, and two antenna-like rods sticking out from the top of its head.

Furthermore, he said Ausso One’s face was eerie and without a chin. This peculiar stranger wore a snug-fitting back jumpsuit covering its humanoid body from neck to toe.

Moreover, Ausso One had a belt around its waist with an odd emblem in the center and a six-pointed star. It asked Higdon if he was hungry and made him take four pills placed in a packet.

The hunter remembered being inside a transparent, cube-shaped spacecraft next that transported him, the five elk, and two additional creatures on board to another realm.

He described the location as somewhere in outer space’s limitless void. Higdon said that he woke up bound to his seat upon his return to Planet Earth after journeying 163,000 light years away into outer space with Ausso One.

Nevertheless, he had problems explaining the exact happenings as he was, apparently, intoxicated at that time.

Higdon also hid a flattened bullet in his trousers to demonstrate that he did not create everything himself, which was contrary to popular belief.

The idea of going towards the unknown has been in the human DNA for centuries. With new technologies, it has become possible to break our limits to explore what is beyond Earth .The question is if our curiosity will be satisfied by the end of it.

As one of these new technologies, a space tourist company AUSSO One offers trips into space and provides services that are not only limited to outerspace exploration but also to other areas such as tourism and cinematography.

Imagine that you are a content writer and you have to write an introduction for this section. The first idea that might come to your mind is that it is about outer space. But what if the reader doesn’t know anything about outer space? Then the keywords for this section are not “outer space.”

Therefore, if the reader doesn’t know anything about outer space, the keywords for this section would be “Ausso One.”

A man, who is unnamed in the article, had a dream of going to outer space since he was a kid. The opportunity came when he was 28 years old and Ausso One – an alien-like creature that is said to be “friendlier than George Clooney” told him he could go to space on the condition that he would provide some photos for them. The man agreed, but the article does not say if he actually got the chance to go into space yet.

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