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Extraterrestrial Intelligence Is Artificial, Not Biological

Is there extraterrestrial intelligence elsewhere? Can humans recognize them if they ever meet? This question has been debated for centuries, but what if there’s a hint already?

With several initiatives to look for intelligent life in the universe, the chances of finding them are growing. SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) is using radio telescopes to constantly listen for radio messages from far away alien civilizations.

If the search succeeds, people suspect that it would be very unlikely that we find the usual little green man. Most experts in extraterrestrial intelligence speculate that the life forms waiting for us are artificial, not biological.

Imagine that there are other planets where life began and Darwinian-like evolution happened. The chance that innovation to happen similarly to Earth would be near impossible. It is unlikely that the progress of intelligent life with access to technology would mirror Earth’s.

The smallest factors could affect the progress of that civilization. In worlds where this progress is stunted, the planet would unlikely reveal evidence of extraterrestrial life. But, for worlds that keep up or exceed our speed and around suns much older than ours, they may already be thousands, millions, or even billions of years ahead.

The main point argued is that our understanding of intelligence on Earth gives us insight into how we might be able to predict what kind of extraterrestrial intelligence might exist elsewhere in the universe.

The debate over whether extraterrestrial intelligence is artificial or biological has always been one of the most controversial topics in both science and philosophy. Sadly, this argument has never been settled as both sides have valid arguments and counterarguments.

Many scientists believe that researchers are wasting time on false leads. This is because the probability of finding a living organism on another planet within a span of decades is almost zero.

Some philosophers disagree with this theory as they believe that it’s possible for civilization to exist outside of the Earth’s atmosphere. They also argue that if we really wanted to find life elsewhere in the universe, we would be looking for planets with similar characteristics to ours instead of lifeforms themselves.

The more we learn about the intelligence of humans and animals, the more we come to understand that it is not something created on Earth.

AI has existed for many years in the form of computer algorithms and has been used extensively in recent years. Computers are used to calculate numbers, make purchases and process data. Digital assistants like Siri or Google Assistant use AI to answer questions or search the internet when we need them to do something for us.

However, AI is not as smart as humans or animals. In fact, there is evidence that proves that intelligence can only be created by biology rather than by artificial means such as an algorithm-based system or machine learning software running on a computer chip. Intelligent life in the universe has been observed to be biological; it always comes from a planet with life because intelligent beings developed from organic materials on living planets according to evolution theory which is dominant among scientists today.

The AI controlled by humans is not intelligent, it’s just a machine to carry out human instructions. AI systems are programmed by humans with algorithms. However, these algorithms are not intelligent because they have been created by the needs of humans rather than through the logic of nature and natural resources in the universe.

Our technology only dates back as far as a few millennia. But, artificial intelligence will likely transcend organic intelligence in two centuries or less. Computer processing power is improving exponentially. Artificial Intelligence is slowly becoming commonplace in our society, and it’s only been a few years since we developed them.

But, for extraterrestrial civilizations with the capacity to contact us from their home planet, you can only imagine how advanced their technology is. And, the chances that their artificial intelligence has reached a level we’re billions of years away from is likely.

If we find advanced extraterrestrial life, they must have already realized how confining organic life is. Their advanced technology will be more than capable of transferring their biological consciousness to artificial vessels that could live forever.

We won’t know for certain until we meet them. But when we do, hopefully, this heads-up will prepare you for how different and unexpected these aliens look. We might even have to rethink the idea of “alien civilizations” once we find these artificial alien lives.

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