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Crashed UFO in the UK: The World War II Flying Saucer

During World War II, UFOs are the least of people’s worries. Yes, they were small, fast, and could be beneficial for battle, but not many people believed they were real. But what happened to the UFO in the UK that crashed during the war? Did everyone forget about it?

Did the Allies make these UFOs? The Nazis? Until now, the questions remain. And we likely won’t get an answer to these questions unless we ask the scientists who allegedly examined a flying saucer in World War II.

On January 26, 1942, a crashed UFO in the UK was reported to the Ministry of Defence. The story is incredulous enough that it has become legendary.

In November of that year, the pilots of two RAF Spitfire aircraft were sent out on patrol as part of a large and increasing air raid on Germany. One pilot, Flight Lieutenant Billy Fiske, saw what looked like a bright light coming towards them in their target area at a speed that seemed impossible for anything other than a meteorite or comet.

It is not possible to know for sure whether the object was an aeroplane flying towards them or something else; however it is clear from the official report that something unusual did startle Fiske and his wingman- an incident which led to one of them being shot down by German anti-aircraft guns.

The crashed UFO was found in a field near the coast of Antrim, Northern Ireland. It has been analyzed by experts.

The crashed UFO is an unknown object that was found on December 29, 2015 near Ballyhalbert in County Antrim, Northern Ireland. The object is said to be a “flying saucer” with “six to eight large portholes”, which would have been of interest to German U-boat crews during World War II.

On the 17th April 2017, a crashed UFO was found in a field in Lincolnshire, England. The craft had a diameter of 12 feet and measured around 17 feet long.

There were reports of more than 300 sightings within 10 miles of the site. What could it have been? And what does this mean for the future?

The world has seen some strange objects fall from the sky over time – from meteorites to alien spaceships. However, this particular object is unusual because it came from World War II and crashed on British soil during WWII.

However, this story has nothing to do with how dubious the alleged Nazi UFOs were. And we agree that certain figures may or may not have promoted this disturbing idea for political reasons.

It was May 22, 1955, when Dorothy Kilgallen put together the count for the American press. She learned about the story while on vacation in the UK and was positively spooked by what she discovered.

She reported that British scientists and airmen are convinced that the wreckage of the mysterious ship they found was not an illusion of a Soviet invention. It was a flying saucer from another planet. However, she cited the source as confidential, and nothing has been confirmed.

After three decades, Timothy Good, an author, alleges that it happened during a cocktail party hosted by Lord Mountbatten. However, he failed to find anyone to substantiate this claim.

For years, that’s where the story began and ended. However, the tales have traveled through time and circulated enough for people to regain interest in the subject. As a result, American and British believers are now collaborating to find the truth.

Since then, new accounts have come to light. There are claims that the UK government had the wreck flown over to the United States along with the team of scientists who did the initial examinations.

This is not the only recorded encounter with UFOs in the period. And several other accounts have been recorded but, most likely, covered up by people higher up on the ladder. What are the facts we do not know? What are the things the government tried to hide from us? Are they protecting us from something? Or are they just as concerned as we are?

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