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Carl Higdon, the Man who Travelled 163,000 Light Years with Alien Ausso One

On October 25, 1974, a lone man went out to hunt for deer inside the Medicine Bow National Forest. However, instead of shooting a deer, he accidentally shoots the cloaked spaceship parked directly in front of him.

He allegedly shot the intruder from space. After he captured it, he helped bring it back to his home planet.

Let’s understand the whole story.

Ausso One is a new alien species, found in the Medicine Bow National Forest in Wyoming.

Carl Higdon is an astronomer and a key member of Project Astrid. The goal of Project Astrid was to explore our galaxy for life. Carl was chosen for this project because he has been studying our galaxy for over 15 years and knows the most about it. He never expected to find life in his lifetime, but now he’s stumbled across Ausso One who is a race of aliens just like us!

Carl Higdon is undoubtedly a unique and lucky man who has been in the Medicine Bow National Forest with his family to escape the stress of city life, never expecting to meet up with an alien. This is especially true since it would take him 163,000 light years away from Earth. But, unlike the majority of people who would have a panic attack and run away, Higdon got out his camera to capture the encounter on video.“This thing just showed up and … it was kind of in my face,” he told NY Daily News. “I thought it was a bear but as soon as I realized it wasn’t a bear …

Undoubtedly, Carl Higdon is an astronomer who discovered a new species, Ausso One, which are aliens like humans. From his experiences, Carl explained that the aliens could be capable of communicating with one another and even with human beings because they have many supernatural powers. There is a strong chance that they will be able to communicate with Earth through radio waves in the near future.

The traveler from space had two antennae, no collar bones, no ears, small eyes, and three large teeth. The extraterrestrial was oddly dressed as if trying to appear humanoid using unique clothing from his home planet.

This ET introduced himself as “Ausso One” after making contact with the hunter. The hunter was then asked if he wanted a space tour, but he declined. He was then asked if he was hungry as if understanding that Carl Higdon was hunting deer for food. Carl nodded, and he was handed four pills which he ingested. After a while, he slowly fell unconscious.

Regardless of the hunter’s wishes, he was taken on a trip to the stars. The two allegedly left Earth and traveled 163,000 light years to the alien’s home planet and back. After a few ‘days’ of traveling through the void of space, he felt his memory slowly escaping him.

The few things he remembers from the trip are the five unconscious elks the alien took with him. There were also two other beings aboard the ship. He was obviously not supposed to be there with them and was bound to his chair the whole trip.

When he returned to Earth, he made his way to his truck and announced his discovery to everyone who would listen. Unfortunately, he had trouble explaining his experience and still seemed intoxicated by the pills.

He also showed people the flattened bullet he hid in his pocket. This single piece of evidence suggests that he did not make this story up.

Since then, people have tried to go to the area and look for Alien Ausso One, but to no avail. No one else had the chance to meet the alien again. Regardless, this is one of the earliest and most detailed accounts of aliens interacting with humans in modern times.

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