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Aquatic Aliens: The Lake Baikal Humanoids Found by the Russian Navy

Lake Baikal is the oldest and deepest lake in the world. With nearly one-quarter of the Earth’s freshwater being contained there, it’s no wonder that aquatic aliens live in these waters.

In the summer of 2017, scientists from Russia’s Ministry of Defense met with a group of journalists to release some stunning new information on some aquatic humanoids found in Lake Baikal.

This section is about these humanoid creatures that were discovered by the Russian Navy in the summer of 2017. An introduction to this topic will be necessary before diving into it.

Lake Baikal is a large freshwater lake located in southern Siberia and it is considered one of Earth’s most unusual places because it is rich in biodiversity. More than 1,500 species live there and many are still unknown to science which creates a mystery for researchers about what these creatures could be. One such discovery was made by the Russian Defense Ministry when they were exploring the depths of Lake Baikal using sonar equipment when they found something with three long legs, a long neck and an egg-shaped head while they were mapping the bottom of this massive lake! These “Lake Baikal humanoids” or

In the mid-1990s, eight humanoid skeletons were found in the depths of Lake Baikal by Russian Navy divers. The skeletons were recovered from a depth of 160 feet and dated back to 5000 BC. This discovery raised many questions about the possible existence of an underwater civilization that might have existed on Earth thousands of years ago.

The Baikal humanoid is an underwater creature first discovered by scientists in 2012. The humanoid is made of cartilage that has been estimated to be 1.6 million years old, making it one of the oldest aquatic beings in existence.

The Lake Baikal Humanoids Found by the Russian Navy collectively provide information about these aquatic creatures and highlight their similarities to land-based humanoids and how they differ from them.

Aside from the myriad of unique plants and animal species living around the frigid lake, scientists estimate that the massive basin formed because of an ancient rift valley more than twenty-five million years ago.

Lake Baikal has always been home to several unexplained phenomena. Several locals claim that there have been uncountable UFO sightings in the area. Some even theorize that the lake hides an extraterrestrial base within its waters.

One of the most bizarre reports was from 1982, during a routine Soviet military training dive. While navigating the dark waters, Navy personnel noticed several figured swimming nearby.

Despite diving one hundred and sixty-four feet, the humanoids who approached them were not wearing any human diving equipment. They all wore tight-fitting metallic suits with helmets completely covering their heads. They were also reportedly ten feet tall.

After the Navy personnel looked closer at these aquatic aliens, they quickly disappeared and dove deeper into the murky abyss.

Subsequent attempts at contacting this loch-dweller were unsuccessful and often led to them shooting powerful sonar waves at the Navy crew members. Each encounter resulted in the crew being knocked unconscious and rapidly propelled back to the surface. This quick re-escalation has caused the death of three of the crew members. There were other encounters, but none of them were fruitful. Every attempt was well recorded in detail. Now, Navy commanders are monitoring any activities, especially attempts to explore the water using underwater vehicles.

Other than this encounter, people have reported sightings of UFOs in the area. According to their accounts, a silver flying saucer is often seen in the area. And in 2009, the area made global headlines again after an image showing a possible UFO leaving the waters was captured.

Given the recent ufology announcements and released files, others speculate that the Kremlin is preparing for full disclosure on the subject. For now, all we can do is wait for things to be made public and for people with the capability to explore the area extensively.

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