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Aliens Among Us: They Are with us Hiding, Living, Thriving

We have always looked to the stars when looking for aliens, but what if we are looking in the wrong direction? Some scientists think so. They say aliens are living and hiding among us. And we may have unintentionally been in contact with them in every aspect of our lives. Scarier yet, they may even be within our bodies.

Several experts and people from high-level positions in different governments believe that the world is unintentionally hiding aliens from the public consciousness.

They are among us, living in our communities and hiding their existence from the world. They could be living in your apartment building right now and you would never know it. They could be walking next to you in the grocery store or sitting next to you at work today as you go about your day.

These creatures have evolved with Earth and as a result, they have become indistinguishable from humans.

Aliens Among Us: They Are with us Hiding, Living, Thriving explores the lives of aliens who are living among us. From their thoughts to the way they behave and how they adapt to Earth’s society, it is a detailed account of how these beings live and interact with humans.

In this book, author Katherine Harmon Piper provides insights on how these beings view humanity and what their goals are. She also discusses the possibility of meeting them one day.

There are the possibilities of aliens being among us and the possibilities of life on other planets. It will also go over how we can explore new horizons without making any drastic changes to our current society. The possibilities of aliens being among us are that they could be like humans but not be. They could also be completely different and not even remotely related to Earth. There is also the chance that they would look, behave, and live completely differently than what we know. Another possibility is that they might not even exist yet or ever at all, as it was just a hypothesis.

The idea that aliens could be living among us is not as far-fetched as one might expect, given that according to scientific calculations, there are around 100 billion habitable planets in our galaxy alone, not to mention all those in other galaxies.

Here are some people who opened up about their belief in aliens.

1. Former Canadian Defense Minister

The former Canadian Defense Minister, Paul Hellyer, believes that aliens live among us. He said that he’s heard from several sources that there are roughly 80 distinct species of aliens, and some of them look exactly like us. He believes that we wouldn’t know even if we passed by one on the streets.

2. Arizona State University’s Paul Davies

According to award-winning physicist Paul Davies, Alien life is just beneath our noses and may even be in our nostrils. He told CBS News that different alien bacteria are on Earth and may already be inside our bodies.

He also thinks that life on Earth has evolved more than once. And some life forms from different epochs may have been alien.

3. Northern Kentucky University’s Dr. Robert Trundle

In 2004, Dr. Robert Trundle from North Kentucky University informed Cincinnati Post that he was shunned because of his ideas on Extraterrestrial life. He then wrote a book entitled “Is ET Here?” He answers the question with a no in terms of politics but a yes, for the sciences and technology.

He asked the Washington Post about the possibility of ETs being real from a political standpoint. However, he thinks governments are afraid of public backlash, so no. He says that if governments admit that there are extraterrestrials here, they are admitting that they cannot protect people. However, in terms of the sciences and technological development, he contends that hundreds of credible witness reports support the idea that aliens played a part in innovation.

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