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36 Alien Races Live in the Milky Way, and 22 Alien Races Are on Earth

Many believe there is only one intelligent life on this planet, the Homo sapiens. However, some theories say other intelligent lives exist in the solar system, and some live with us on earth. These alien races hide in plain sight, and we are none the wiser.

A recent study by SETI Institute has concluded that there are 36 alien races in the Milky Way. This study also found that 22 alien races are on Earth. right now. This is in addition to the human race.The study’s conclusions are based on remote observations of radio signals in space, which have been recorded by the GPM and other satellites over decades. The SETI Institute has also used their “The Alien Radio Wave Database” which has been compiled over time to determine different types of alien radio waves that are already known.

The new research released by SETI Institute’s Seth Shostak and Amy Lien is the first comprehensive survey of how many intelligent civilizations may exist in our galaxy.

The researchers examined a number of factors, including how long each race would likely live, before estimating how many intelligent beings could be alive in our galaxy today.

Although the universe is enormous and contains many different planets, Earth possesses an unusually high number of alien races. This is part of the reason why people are drawn to watch TV shows and movies about aliens.

There are also 36 alien races in the Milky Way, some of which may have interacted with our civilization in the past. According to official records, we are yet to interact with any of these alien races. But, given the extent governments would go to hide certain truths from the public, we can never be too sure.

However, there are accounts from 1837 where Scottish scientist, Thomas Dick, estimates that at least 22 billion aliens are living on every surface of the solar system. He had this grand idea to construct a massive triangular structure in Siberia to help aliens find us easier, even with their naked eyes.

There are also reports of artificial structures being discovered throughout the solar system. This narrative is famously known as “The Great Moon Hoax” and was published in 1835. This may be an old story, but what if this speculation was true?

So how many alien civilizations are littered around the universe? We will never know. But what if we limit the search to the Milky Way galaxy? Well, some astronauts believe that there are 36 alien races living near us.

The records on these claims have been altered since they were first announced, but some accounts still claim that several civilizations are in constant contact with humanity. Lear thinks five to ten civilizations made constant contact with humans, but most of them are hostile or have a completely different concept of morality from ours.

Another well-known alien contactee is Alex Collier. He is well known for his claim of meeting Andromedan aliens multiple times throughout his life. The level of detail he gave about their meetings made him one of the most trusted proponents of the idea that we had already made contact with aliens from outer space.

But, the most important assertion he made was that the human race was composed of 22 extraterrestrial races, and all of them came from the constellation Lyra. And, with Canadian Defense Minister Paul Hellyer’s statement about aliens living with us, this theory may be true.

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