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Alive UFO in 1968: The Account of How Three Veteran Pilots Interacted with an Aliens

IB-249 aircraft owned by the Spanish company IBERIA were flown by Juan Ignacio Lorenzo Torres, Juan Seldran Garcia, and José Cuenca Paneque on November 4, 1968, traveling from London to Alicante over the B31 route.

Commander Juan Ignacio Lorenzo Torres started his flying career at the age of 17. He spent 40 years as an officer in the Spanish Air Force, piloted the royal aircraft of King Juan Carlos de Borbón, fought in the Saharan War, and oversaw an aviation training center.

Simply stated, he was a very experienced, highly qualified, and professional pilot with more than 28,000 hours of flying time.

Juan Ignacio Lorenzo Torres

Crew chief Juan Ignacio Lorenzo Torres:

I was the Caravelle’s commander at the moment. When we landed in Barcelona, the airport controller instructed us to descend, which sounded strange. We were obliged to descend, but I reasoned that the passing aircraft may be to blame. I thus gave the co-pilot, Juan Celdran Garcia, the order to watch for any approaching aircraft.

Later, the controller reported seeing an approaching aircraft at a higher height. The controller instructed us to descend to FL280 as we approached Barcelona when we were at FL310. more precisely to 28,000 feet (8.5 km).

I instructed the co-pilot to maintain his alertness since there was a lot of turbulence at this height. After some time, Juan yelled to me, “I see him, but it’s not another plane.”

It had a strong brightness. Too powerful to use as sidelights for an aircraft. He came down from the heavens and stood in front of us right away. We chose not to reveal its presence just yet since the co-pilot and I both agreed that it didn’t seem to be a conventional aircraft.

The strange glow came quickly. It was about 10 meters away from the nose of our aircraft. An additional light with a range of colours that resembled a ball suddenly materialized in the middle. Blue transformed into a gray tone after turning into white.

That it pulsed, almost as if it were “breathing,” was the most odd feature. He seems to live a different life. At this point, we also saw two more, noticeably less brilliant lights, one on each side of the major light.

The thing kept a safe distance between itself and us while traveling ahead at our rate. There were three distinct objects—one huge one in the center, and two smaller ones on each side—but due to their flawless coordination, they gave the impression of being just one. Strong light was there.

I, the co-pilot, and the flight engineer evaluated it, and then we got in touch with the stewardess. Additionally, we asked her whether she saw the light. When I asked her what it was, she said, “Yes.” We just said we didn’t know to make sure she saw it as well.

Then the light went out. then turned back on. We marveled as the object approached and began to move dangerously close to the aircraft. He moved, though, so swiftly that it was hard for us to see him.

All of this took ten minutes. When I next contacted with the controller, I told him, “For your information, I will notify you that we have an unidentified object that is approaching and receding from the aircraft.”

Barcelona airport air traffic control asked us to give a “transponder,” which is a radar detection code. The UFO continued circling us while doing these amazing acrobatics. There were several detours that were designed to murder the person inside. Any living thing cannot handle such overloads.

We believed that this object was alive. It reminded me of a massive human eye. Different colors could be seen in these interwoven “veins,” or whatever they were. This light pulsed, like I said. I was truly reminded of a live creature by it.

The alien craft began to fly the aircraft anyway it liked. You may move in either straight or parabolic movements as you rise, descend, approach, and leave. I know that G-forces higher than “5” are too strong for the human body to tolerate since I’ve been flying since I was seventeen. Awareness is lost if this line is crossed. No matter what anti-gravity gear you’re wearing.

This thing defied all the rules of physics. He flew at a straight angle, drew hyperbolas and parabolas, and then leapt from one place to another. It was illogical.

We turned on all the headlights of the airplane and began signaling. It began to behave similarly. Each time we changed the light, he did the same. Additionally, when we turned on the lights, it turned on. Evidently, it was speaking to us.

It reacted when I asked questions in both English and Spanish and suggested that one blink would signify “Yes” and a double blink “No.” I’m not sure whether it understood what I said or if it was able to read my thoughts.

I asked UFO questions around 20 times in all, and I only received succinct replies. It was made clear to me that I shouldn’t talk about it to avoid issues, therefore I am unable to react to every question. They cautioned me during the special services that people may trip in the toilet or cross the street in the wrong place.

I barely remember the first three queries I posed to this UFO:

Are you from this galaxy, Commander?
UFO: A single flash of light

  • Commander: Do you intend to be friendly?
    UFO: A single flash of light
  • The commander. Is the ship manned?
    UFO: A single flash of light

They were kind and from our galaxy, but something about our nuclear technology disturbed them.

The UFO then departed. just departed. We showed up later. I received a call from Lieutenant Colonel Antonio Aleu Padreni, who at the time was in charge of the warning and control network for the Barcelona area.

The lieutenant colonel grilled me extensively about the UFO event. During that time, the military was very open and honest with me, telling me that the Air Force commander was aware of what had happened and that three unidentified objects had been traveling in sync with my aircraft for some time when Siesta, Samba, Kansas, and Embargo air surveillance radars had detected them.

The Bolero radar at Constantine, Seville, could detect the items. It was all captured on camera: they showed me the radar data and I even asked for a paper copy, which they gave me but only on the condition that I keep this knowledge to myself.

As word of the incident spread, Lieutenant Colonel Ugarte and a fellow service member came to my Madrid house and demanded “all you have and what does not belong to you.” I was required to provide the radar data that showed this UFO approaching my plane.

However, it was already too late; the occurrence was no longer a secret, and eventually, news organizations found out about it. At the time, General Lacale was the aviation minister. He said, “No, they aren’t ready for that yet. We can’t let them know about it.

The situation gained legitimacy. After an investigation was launched in this case, the press was notified (in an official letter) “that the pilots observed the planet, Venus.”

Exactly that Where may I go? We reported what we saw while attempting to make a point. Does the co-pilot, who only just took over flight control of the aircraft, really want to endanger his career? Nobody wants to endanger their lives or their careers.

Strangely enough, prior to all of this happening to me, I had no belief that UFOs existed. I had a great time making fun of this topic and those UFO enthusiasts. The fact that THEY are in our airspace is something I can now affirm with clarity, said commander Juan.

“Given what they are and the extraordinary technological prowess they possess, I have no doubt that these are spaceships from other planets.

Will there ever be a day when our civilisation recognizes the presence of sentient, highly technological beings? I’m hopeful we’ll get out of this hole and stop acting like ostriches someday,” he concluded.

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