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Millions of aliens inhabit Earth, according to physicists.

James Kune, a physicist, asserts that only one nation can support a society with more than a million aliens. According to his estimates, there is a 50% chance of getting married to an alien, according to

Earth is a large planet with many resources for supporting life and a perfect environment. So why aren’t other extraterrestrial races able to coexist peacefully with Earth’s other species? They may have been doing this for a long time, but because of ignorance, people may not have noticed.

Although they are great, a person’s skills are constrained. When compared to alien species, your senses and ears enable you to recreate only a portion of the reality of the cosmos. These restrictions prevent an evaluation of the animal species’ concealment techniques.

“If we can’t distinguish them,. What prevents more sophisticated alien species from settling on Earth? – a logical query is raised.

It’s feasible that other alien species already live on the Blue Planet and coexist with humanity on a regular basis.

Most of the “guests” on the Earth are thought to be connected to a people or to be in close contact with them.

James Kune, a physicist, specifically affirms that an alien civilisation with more than a million members can exist in one nation. During his time working for the US government, the scientist claims to have discovered more than 1,000 distinct instances of extraterrestrial presence.

Up to 5 million aliens who have assumed human form reside in the United States, according to the expert.

Perhaps the only reason these aliens chose to settle on Earth is to watch the local population and, by extension, the ones who reside nearby.

Therefore, there is a 50% chance of getting married to an alien. Many have been seen to be making an effort to pass for humans, and their conduct has been found to be abnormal in comparison to the human profile.

Why do they choose to live here?

Aliens may come to Earth for a variety of reasons, including conquest, the desire to dwell somewhere other than their home planet, the fact that their home world is in decline, or even just the desire to leave.

The majority of these beings, in the physicist’s opinion, are benign, but some of them are malevolent. However, some of these creatures can communicate with people in a friendly manner.

The scientist continues, “The longer these aliens stay on Earth, the more they crave our company.”

It is now beyond dispute that humans may awaken consciousness after a century of extensive investigation. Whether it be feelings, meaning, expression, community, or analysis, of course.

There are currently just two categories of individuals in the world. One is those who have learned not to mindlessly believe what the media says and those who are being used as pawns by the elite to sow division.

Because of this, the chain of unbelievable occurrences that eventually led to the full acceptance of the UFO phenomenon unfolded extremely swiftly.

Since civilization has long believed in the possibility of hybrid races, many experts consider it to be true. This may be how the human species has advanced and is continuing to elevate consciousness. People can only assume that alien races have been on Earth for a very long time as a result.

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