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According to a Report, aliens are threatening to blow up the sun if we don’t agree to their demands.

We may receive “contaminated” signals from residents of other worlds who wish to “hack” our communication infrastructure.

At least, this is what the study by American physicists John G. Learned and Michael Hippke, which was posted on the website, warns against.

The SETI (search for extraterrestrial intelligence) program uses cutting-edge antennas and computers to analyze alien electromagnetic signals in an effort to detect life on other worlds.

Additionally, researchers are working to transmit and receive encrypted information from space.

According to the study, extraterrestrials might send signals to communication networks that contain harmful spyware.

For instance, they can threaten to destroy the Sun if mankind rejects their demands.

Experts claim that a trojan or virus might infiltrate SETI projects and home computers, giving a planet-level hacker access to user data and the operating system. “We can either erase an ET message or bear the risk,” the researchers said in their report.


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