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Aliens Could Be Hiding Underground In Vast Ancient Caves On Mars, According To A Recent NASA Conference

According to NASA studies, deep underground caves on Mars are where life is most likely to be found. This summer, the US space agency will send a brand-new rover to Mars to investigate this.

Vlada Stamenkovic, a research scientist at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, reportedly made this claim during the recent Mars Extant Life conference.

The scientist asserts:

“Liquid water cannot be maintained stable for extended periods of time on the surface of Mars because of the environment’s intense radiation and oxidizing potential. The region is the worst place on Mars to look for life. Only areas with groundwater on Mars have the potential for supporting life.

Yes, the Martian landscape is arid, frigid, and radioactive. Caverns beneath the earth’s surface could be home to aliens.

NASA scientists are working to create agile robots that might explore the cave systems on Mars. Over a thousand cave entrances on Mars have been recorded by the US Geological Survey’s Astrogeology Science Center.

NASA also plans to send people to Mars in the 2030s. Maybe NASA is now looking for any aliens that may be dangerous to humanity. On Mars, several man-made buildings have already been found.

We explore several leaks on Mars in more depth in the video down below.


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