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Updates on the 4,000-Year-Old Secret of the Strange Grand Canyon UFO Crash Site

A UFO crash site has been uncovered near the Grand Canyon, according to recent reports. This is what we discovered after gathering as much data as possible. Let’s hear your thoughts on the subject.

A group of scholars recently examined trash found in the Grand Canyon. When they arrived, they claimed to have discovered the body of a UFO that had been there for about 4000 years.

According to the crew, the item was made of an unknown metallic composition and had signs of radiation. As soon as they realized the spacecraft was radioactive, they moved it to a far more secure military location.

Dr. Henry Leaumont claims to have firsthand knowledge of the Grand Canyon UFO crash location.

The vessel, he claimed, was rather huge, capable of carrying at least twenty people.

Researchers revealed that the cabin room was designed for humanoids ranging in height from 4-5 feet when they entered the ship. The spacecraft was powered by atoms and used magnetic steering.

According to Dr. Henry Leaumont, the ship was roughly 50 feet wide and at least 100 feet long. He also believes that the US administration is doing everything possible to conceal the catastrophe.

Check out the video below for more information.


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