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Over Florida, a Strange Staircase Appeared

The Blue Beam Project is one of the most well-known conspiracy theories. In 1994, Serge Monast, a Canadian researcher and journalist, revealed NASA and the UN’s four-step plan to establish a single international religion led by the Antichrist and usher in the New World Order. The Blue Beam Project would be carried out by NASA with the use of a sophisticated mind control system and top-secret technology in order to deceive everyone and convince them that the Second Coming of Christ had arrived on Earth.

However, the controversial project’s first stage would include the manufacturing of fake earthquakes in certain locations throughout the world. The next step would be a “massive space spectacular.” At this level, three-dimensional optical holograms and laser projections of holographic visuals would be broadcast over the sky. What sort of images would these be? Perhaps occurrences like the one that recently occurred in Florida.

A weird stairway appears above Florida.

A video that has been circulating on the Internet depicting an odd cloud pattern has baffled many Internet users. The video was allegedly shot on October 28 in Florida by a man named Gray Garcia and then uploaded to YouTube by the well-known mavi 777 channel. They don’t give any other information, which is unfortunate.


Regardless, the images are remarkable, since they show a succession of clouds that resemble uniformly spaced steps stretching across the sky in a long line. The origin and nature of the strange construct, which some have called the “stairway to heaven,” are unclear. Many people assume it is the Blue Beam Project, despite the possibility that it is simply a natural weather phenomenon. As shown by the gap, it would be the second stage. As we have mentioned in several writings, holographic technology would be developed by space-generating satellites that would project simultaneous visuals in all four corners of the world.

People would witness all kinds of strange sky phenomena, such as the one seen in Florida, when the entire sky transforms into a large movie screen. On the other side, the heavenly holograms will prepare the way for the third level, mind control.

Telephone communication equipment will send signals to each person’s goals, leading them to believe that their deity is speaking to them from within their own soul. Such signals will “feed” on the data that each individual on the world has saved. To develop diffuse artificial thinking, the signals will be blended with your natural reasoning.

Finally, the fourth stage of the Blue Beam Project will use a variety of technologies to convince people that there is an extraterrestrial invasion and the rapture, making it easier for the elite to dominate the masses. The New World Order’s absolute domination over the inhabitants of the Earth is based on the Blue Beam Project.

The majority of skeptics, on the other hand, gave a rational and reasonable explanation for the strange occurrence, suggesting that the formation of clouds is the leftovers of a message written in the sky that faded with time.

What are your thoughts on “the stairwell to heaven”? Does it have anything to do with the Blue Beam Initiative? Is this something that happens by chance? Or do you have another hypothesis in mind? Please write a comment in the box below.

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