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NASA's Own Photos Display Huge Entrances To Mars Underground Bases

There are a lot of entry portals leading to underground structures on Mars, according to numerous ufologists and academics.

Are they human settlements or extraterrestrial bases?

The images you are going to see were given by the Rover Curiosity. These “doors” are plainly discernible and seem to serve as entrances to hidden structures.

One of these structures could be the mysterious “anomaly” that the Curiosity rover recently noticed. In one of the images, a dome-shaped object can be made out in the distance.

Conjecture says there could be windows or openings under its dome. Maybe some artifacts from another planet or a gateway to a base underground?

NASA seems to have made an effort to explain the strange objects discovered on Mars’ surface.


Both the Skywatcher Dahboo777 and detractors of the corporation’s plan have questioned NASA’s attitude.

By creating justifications to disbelieve any alien visitation to Earth and other planets in the Solar System, they continue to work to keep the truth about extraterrestrials and UFOs on Mars hidden.


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