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In broad daylight, a mysterious UFO was seen chasing a jet.

A UFO was seen following a plane at high speed during daytime hours, according to a video sent to MUFON.

The video material displays an orb of white and brilliant light following a jet after the wake or jet has been fired. The ball then passes past the jet, but no indication of a steam wake is seen.

The video was sent to MUFON last year, but because it is such a unique piece of evidence, it is currently being investigated and evaluated again.

In addition to the amazing film, we have the entire testimony of the witnesses, which was delivered by an army guy. What’s interesting is that the video now being promoted changes dramatically from the one aired on MUFON, although the MUFON video looks to be the witness’s final film.

Data from the video:

The incident took place on April 21, 2016, at 7:17 p.m.

Lincoln, New Hampshire is the site of the event.

What happened: A plane chased a UFO.

MUFON case number 81792


I was reading on my balcony at 7 p.m. Military pilots were training in the mountains near my house, and I had always liked watching them soar. This happens frequently; planes and helicopters are common sights. (A UFO chases down and overtakes a plane.)

So, naturally, when I saw the plane, I took a double take since it was being pursued by something. It seemed like a strange aircraft, possibly military in origin, but it wasn’t a jet. I recognized it wasn’t a jet since it was behind one of them.

The chased airplane trailed after it, but the UFO did not. The UFO was approaching the plane. That’s something a helicopter couldn’t accomplish. I was completely taken aback, and I was fortunate enough to have grabbed my phone in time to video it. Before it went into the trees, I was able to capture the object approaching the plane for around 10 seconds.

I was delighted and frightened at the same time. I got the feeling I’d seen something difficult to reject, like a balloon or a jet. (A UFO chases down and overtakes a plane.)

After the aircraft and the object had passed out of my area of vision, I noticed three additional planes and one helicopter travelling in the same direction (in my opinion chasing the UFO). A second video of the other planes was also acquired.

I’d want to show the footage to an aviation expert in the hopes of gaining some insight. “I’ve emailed MUFON a message and am awaiting a response.”

MUFON is no longer active.

A MUFON analyst concluded to the following conclusion after studying the footage:

Based on the video analysis, I assume this is a military aircraft. Two planes were flying in the same direction at different speeds and heights, according to Ken Biddle’s study. It’s possible that the lack of wake in the second boat is due to the difference in altitude, which is lower in the second boat.

Because there was no clear evidence that it was an aircraft, I kept the UFO’s identity a secret. Given the nature of the military drills that are common in the region, I feel it is quite probable that it is a military aircraft.


In and of itself, the video is breathtaking. It is difficult, as the researcher realizes, to determine what type of aircraft it is, whether a prototype or an unknown ship. This is only one of many strange instances of spacecraft that appear and act differently than our planes. Is it a technology produced by the government? Do we have a reverse-engineered alien spaceship in front of us?

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