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As has been the case for millions of years, the diversity of species on Earth, including humans, is an invitation for other extraterrestrial races to visit the planet.

The Earth is a large globe with many life-supporting resources and an excellent temperature. So, why haven’t additional alien races coexisted with the rest of the planet’s species?

Perhaps they’ve been doing it for a long time and we haven’t noticed because of our ignorance…

Aliens disguised as humans?
Humans have amazing abilities, yet they are restricted. In comparison to other animals, our senses of sight and hearing allow us to reconstruct just a portion of the reality of the cosmos in which we exist.

We can’t appreciate the camouflage utilized by some animal species because of these constraints. We won’t be able to tell them separate if we can’t tell them apart. What keeps organisms with far better camouflage from surviving on Earth?

It’s likely that several alien races already live on Earth and interact with humans on a regular basis.

Most of the races that inhabit the Earth are thought to be related to humans or to have maintained close touch with us.

Indeed, according to physicist James Kune, a society of aliens with a population of more than a million people may exist in a single nation.

During his time with the US government, Kune claims to have detected over 1,000 separate incidents of extraterrestrial presence.

“After acquiring human form, up to 5 million aliens reside in the United States.”

Perhaps the aim of these aliens being here is just to watch the humans who live around them, and in a broader sense, the community in which they are situated.

You have a 50% probability of marrying an extraterrestrial. Many of them were discovered when they attempted to imitate people and their conduct was deemed to be abnormal in comparison to the human profile.”

Why do they come to Earth in the first place?
Alien races come to Earth for a variety of reasons, including the desire to dwell on another planet, either because their own is in decline or because conquest is their aim.

Most of these organisms, according to the scientist, are benign, but some have negative characteristics. However, some of these beings are capable of forming bonds with people and comprehending them.

“The longer these aliens stay on Earth, the more they want to be among us.”

The human ability to reach an awakening of awareness has become obvious after considerable research over the previous century. Emotions, meaning, freedom of speech, community, and, of course, analysis all play a role.

There are two categories of persons in the human population today. One of them is those who have been used by the elite to create divisions, as well as those who have learned not to believe all the media says.

That is why a succession of unimaginable occurrences have occurred extremely swiftly, resulting in ultimate acceptance of the UFO phenomena.

As a result, many specialists see the existence of hybrid races as a truth, born of humanity’s belief.

Perhaps this is how our species has progressed and will continue to do so in the future. In this case, the only option is to acknowledge that alien races have been present on Earth for a long period.


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