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During a massive thunderstorm in Texas, something strange fell from the sky.

Connor, a Texas homeowner, filmed something strange during an evening thunderstorm that descended from the sky at incredible speeds to the ground (see video below).

Connor was working the night shift at a meatpacking business near Amarillo when a severe thunderstorm struck. He got the brilliant idea to go outside and photograph the sky as it was illuminated by lightning.

“I can’t say I’ve ever seen something like this, and I’ve never filmed the sky or anything,” he continues, “but I felt impelled to shoot a movie on the day the storm was raging.”

He noticed something long and white sweeping from top to bottom at a rapid speed while watching the video on his phone.

To get a clearer view of the occurrence, he had to slow down the video significantly, but even then, he couldn’t identify what exactly fell from the sky.

Although Connor feels that a meteor is the most likely explanation, he does not rule out the possibility of a UFO. He didn’t say if he went that way to see what may have fallen there on the spot, which is unfortunate.

Many others agreed that it looked like a meteor when he published the footage online, while others speculated that it may have been lightning or some form of air anomaly.


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