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SMERSH, the counter-intelligence outfit founded by Josef Stalin himself in 1943, has published a book. This includes accounts of several of the service team’s top agents, who were reportedly aliens all along.

On January 13th, 1947, this book was published. And many people have lost faith in the Russian government as a result of this. And, more especially, in their response to some sort of alien invasion.

How can we trust them if they’ve been lying to us the whole time?
According to the text, there were eight separate classes or races. It also contains pictures and information specific to each event.

As additional images of the monsters depicted in the SMERSH book were taken over time, the information grew increasingly accurate. UFOs abducting individuals, reports of animals running rampant in the countryside. Even images of animals strolling about have been included in the publications.

After the USSR dissolved, the book was officially owned by the KGB, and a copy was prepared in Buryatia, Siberia, which was eventually released to the general public.

Fun fact: Mass Effect, a prominent video game series made by a Canadian firm called BioWare, was one of the companies granted access to the book. When it was first offered to the wider public, many others took inspiration from it and created their own game.

Many people doubt the claims made in this book, but there is just too much evidence to support them.


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