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Above a top-secret US military base, an alien cube and a mysterious black portal appeared.

The UFO phenomenon has risen in power in recent years, with countless sightings throughout the world and more witnesses claiming strange encounters with these enigmatic forces.

Many people claim to have seen triangle-shaped UFOs, flying saucers, and strange orb-like lights.

One of the most remarkable sightings to date is a flying Cube sighting above one of the most significant military facilities in the United States of America. Photographs of the mystery cube were taken multiple times.

The cube looked to be floating for the most part, but there was something strange about the black vortex that generated it, almost like an inter-dimensional doorway that delivered it to our world.

Some speculate that it is a top-secret US military experimental technology. The majority of individuals, on the other hand, think it was not created by humans and is entirely extraterrestrial in nature.

What might that be, exactly? Watch the video below to learn more!


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